Day 6 – November 23rd 2013

Woke up early just for workout! Very unlike me but in a good way!

Cross-fit of the day!

Long stretching than usual

Exercising with Partner (Complete one set while partner rests)

AMRAP – 10 (Completed 4 rounds)
10 Wall balls
6 Chest to Bar Push ups

AMRAP – 10 (Completed 6 and 1/2 rounds)
6 Push Press – 45lbs + 25lbs on each side
12 Kettle Bell chin-ups

Food of the day!

Morning (11:30AM): 2-Egg Home made Sandwich

Had Deep Tissue Massage Therapy today. My body needed this therapy more than relaxation.

Afternoon (3:00PM): Sonic Chicken Wrap and Sonic Chicken Sandwich

Night (10:30PM): 2 McDonalds Grilled Chicken McWraps


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